1950 Raymond Raymond brand is born at the beginning of 50's in England with production of radio and television (Raymond Electric ltd) Below , there are some advertising of the time.
1953 RaymondRaymond
1957 RaymondRaymondRaymondRaymond In the 50's models of radio tuners and turntables spread and till today are preserved specimens by collectors .
1960 Raymond Then, Raymond brand was extended in coffee makers too (see model with levers with peaks surmounted by small spheres to underline a very refined design ).
1965 Raymond In the 60's , production of Raymond brand was extended to "white appliances" too, and in particular to frezeer with rounded corner and inox steel, with curved doors that became the new trend, fashionable still now through old-style range. Below two original models are shown, one of them perfectly restored and another one by a collector.
1968 RaymondRaymond
1990 Raymond In the 80/90's when Socomel srl bought Raymond brand. Trend changed showing geometric lines and the double door in the frezeer production. Socomel interprets this trend with a coloured range, stylized by vertical big handle.
2000 Raymond
2010 Raymond
2013 Raymond After, market demand was addressed to colors like inox steel. Raymond range propose an articulated range of white appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, gas and electric cookers, combi, frezeer etc.) produced in European factories according to quality standard requested by chief european markets. Products are characterized by an good relationship quality/price that linked to italian design, are attractive to the italian and foreign market.